Applications: Accounts, Meeting Room, Equipment

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DOCX file icon Melbourne Public Library Volunteer Information.docx Melbourne_Public_Library_Volunteer_Information.docx 12/14/21 10.75 KB
DOCX file icon Melbourne Meeting Room COVID waiver.docx Melbourne_Meeting_Room_COVID_waiver.docx 12/14/21 16.92 KB
DOC file icon Meeting Room private use app.doc Meeting_Room_private_use_app.doc 12/14/21 36.00 KB
DOC file icon Meeting Room non-profit & community app.doc Meeting_Room_non-profit__community_app.doc 12/14/21 36.00 KB
DOCX file icon Account Applications.docx Account_Applications.docx 12/14/21 810.18 KB

Library Policies

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DOC file icon Meeting Room Policy.doc Meeting_Room_Policy.doc 12/14/21 37.00 KB
DOC file icon Computer & Internet Policy.doc Computer__Internet_Policy.doc 12/14/21 39.00 KB
DOC file icon Computer and Internet Policy 2019 Update.doc Computer__Internet_Policy_2019_Update.doc 12/14/21 40.00 KB
PDF file icon Procedure for Programs.pdf Procedure_for_Programs.pdf 1/27/20 63.56 KB
PDF file icon Patron Code of Conduct 2019.pdf Patron_Code_of_Conduct_2019.pdf 1/27/20 78.52 KB
PDF file icon Collection Development Policy 2019.pdf Collection_Development_Policy_2019.pdf 1/27/20 83.98 KB
PDF file icon Circulation Policy 2018 update.pdf Circulation_Policy_2018_update.pdf 1/27/20 98.00 KB
PDF file icon Library Services 2019 Update.pdf Library_Services_2019_Update.pdf 1/27/20 110.19 KB
PDF file icon Melbourne PL Strategic Plan.pdf Melbourne_PL_Strategic_Plan.pdf 12/28/21 1,015.14 KB