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Gratitude Scavenger Hunt

When Dec 22, 2020 03:00 PM to
Dec 27, 2020 03:00 PM
Contact Name
Contact Phone 16414823115
Attendees All ages
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For a printable copy, click here. 

There's so much to be grateful for! We've made this list to help you find people and things that make your life better. Read the instructions carefully to the end to learn about prizes.


Write your full name. Find an object or person for each box on the list. Write what or who they are in the space provided.


To enter competition for prizes, complete the scavenger hunt and turn it in first. If we cannot reach you to claim your prize, the prize goes to the next runner up. Winners are announced on Sunday.  Prizes each week include:

1st –  $20 + a book

2nd –  $15 + Casey's gift card

3rd –  $10 + a mug with a cozy cocoa kit

To turn in your sheet:

  • Take a clear & readable photo or scan of the completed list and either send it by
    • Message to Melbourne Public Library on Facebook
    • Email to
  • To turn in a physical sheet
    • Drop the sheet in the library book drop on the deck
    • At the same time, leave a message at 641-482-3115


Optional: try this activity for added gratitude! Find time this holiday to ask family members what items they would list. Focus on the “why” behind the “what.”(For example, “I’m thankful for grandma because she always makes me laugh even when I’m sad.”)


Tip: Lead by example! Answer thoughtfully and focus on the meaning behind the object or person you’re thankful for — what value do they add to your life that makes you thankful? 


Join us next week for a new hunt and the opportunity to win more prizes!



Something/someone that makes me laugh

Something outside I enjoy looking at




Something/someone makes my life better

Something I enjoy doing with other people




Something that is useful for me

Something that is my favorite color




Something or someone I like more than I thought I would

Someone that helps or supports me, even when I don’t ask




Something that tastes good

Something that smells amazing




Something/someone I could not live without

Something I know someone else will enjoy




Something reminds me of a happy memory

Something/someone that makes me feel safe




Something that makes a beautiful sound

Someone I am grateful for




Something in the night or morning that I enjoy

A friend/pet I love spending time with




My favorite place to spend time alone

Something that is unique about me




Something that makes me appreciative of what I have that some others might not have

Something or someone that reminds me of the people I love




Something new I discovered or learned



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