Library Card

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  • Free borrowing from our physical and digital libraries.
  • Lending from Iowa and other libraries by mail.
  • Access to subscription databases and resources for free.
  • NO LATE FEES! We must charge fees associated with any items you lose or damage but work with you to find the lowest cost. We believe money shouldn't gatekeepe library use.
  • Bragging rights.



  • Must be an resident of Marshall County, Iowa.
  • Must provide proof of identity. A photo ID or mail to your address dated within the last two weeks are acceptable. Upload these when you apply as a picture or PDF.
  • If under 13 years of age, must have a parent or guardian sign you up.
  • Must have a reachable contact: phone or email.


What are your responsibilities as an account holder? 

New members are considered probationary for 6 months. During this time, physical material checkout is limited to 5 items, including 1 movie, and no inter-library loan requests are approved. After the 6 months, full members can request inter-library loans and have a physical material checkout limit of 3 movies & 12 non-movie items.

Users are responsible for materials borrowed. Items lost or damaged are subject to fees. We have eliminated late fees: however, items 2 months or more overdue may be considered stolen and are subject to criminal action. We recommend setting up account due date reminders with the automated email or mobile phone text options.

Users are responsible for choosing what they read, view, or listen to. Monitoring or restriction of a child's access is the responsibility of their guardian.

Your application indicates agreement to follow the library's rules and policies in exchange for access to the library's collections and services. You will accept responsibility for all the materials charged to your account, including fines and fees assessed to it. You will report as soon as possible a change of address or phone number.