Use a computer

Stop in during open hours to use a public computer. Sign in with staff at the front desk. Your use is confidential and helps track time limit and statistical use of public devices.

Our policy is available above, but here are some tips and pertinent information:

  • There is a softly enforced 30 minute time limit.
    • So long as no one is waiting to use a device, you can continue using the public computer at the staff's discretion.
  • Customers handling financial transactions or other activities that require confidentiality do so at their own risk.
    • The Internet is not a private environment and security of electronic communication cannot be guaranteed.
    • No matter what you sign into – email, social media, work sites, etc – don't forget to sign out. 
  • We have a color printer available for public use. There is no fax service.
    • Printing costs 25¢ per color page or 10¢ per black & white page. Currently, exact change is required.
  • Monitoring and any restriction of a child’s access is the responsibility of the parent or legal guardian.
    • We will not reveal the information sources or services individual users consult, even to family, unless required by law or court order.
    • We recommend concerned parents discuss with their kids what is acceptable or accompany them to monitor use in person.
  • We do not allow download of software on our computers without staff approval.
    • If you want to download an app or game on the public computers, ask first!
    • Some software may be malicious in nature and we want to keep all users on our network safe.
  • Illegal downloads are strictly prohibited, even on personal devices, as we could lose internet service for all.
    • Ask the staff if you want a movie, book, game, etc – no need to pirate when the library can get it for you.
    • Use of the library’s internet connection in an illegal, disruptive, or destructive manner may result in the loss of Internet or library privileges.